Tax Deductions for Australian Nurses

The ATO has an information page on their website titled Nurses, midwives and direct carers – claiming work-related expenses, and it provides plenty of info specifically designed for nurses making claims for tax purposes. You […]

Many people would like to know how much nurses get paid in Australia. Here are some current figures as of July 2014 from EB8 (public nurses) to give you some indication of nursing wages. Wage Increases […]

Distracting a screaming toddler

credit: jenn_jenn Treating injured toddlers anywhere around that 1 to 5 year age mark can be really challenging.  Most of the ‘injury presentations’ (as opposed to fevers etc) are mostly for fairly minor things such […]

Reflections on Miscarriage at Triage

A front page news article today describes a situation where a lady presented to an Emergency Department in Melbourne with a “threatened and incomplete miscarriage” at 10 to 12 weeks. Unfortunately for this lady, she […]

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